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Give yourself the edge over the competition!


We will help your customers choose your location

for lunch or dinner over the competition!


We will help you increase your revenue

on any specific day or week of the month that you choose.


We will help you increase your

repeat customer revenue by 200% in less than a year!


We can inform your loyal customers of new products

and sales without spending additional money on marketing!

AZglobalfoods Marketing Platform Subscription collects and stores your customers’ phone numbers and utilizes the data to send them a customized text message coupon to their mobile device once a month. Our state-of-the-art technology will help increase your sales and drive traffic into your restaurant. Our platform has been proven to increase sales revenue by up to 200% from repeat customers.


Sample Statistics

On average, 5 of every 100 customers may revisit your location again within 3 months of their first visit.

With AZglobalfoods Marketing Platform, we have been able to get 15 or more of every 100 customers on average to revisit locations within 3 months of their first visit.


That is a 10% increase in repeat customers. If each customer spends on average $10 your revenue would increase from $50 to $150, which is a %200 increase in sales revenue generated from using AZglobalfoods marketing platform.


There are significant increases in repeat customers and sales     revenue, with the results only improving month by month as your AZglobalfoods repeat customer marketing list grows.


Our subscription model is based on how many repeat customers we accumulate for you and market to every month. This insures that your return on investment only improve. Your cost only increase as your customer list grows.


Each new added subscriber = 1 text message

Each coupon sent = 1 text message

Food Trucks 0-250 text messages $25/Month

Restaurants 0-500 text messages to customers


Restaurants 500-1000 text messages to customers $100/Month

Restaurants 1000-2000 text messages to customers$ 200/Month

Restaurants 2000-3000 text messages to customers $300/Month

Larger Plans we will customize

Once you sign up we will provide you with all the technology you need to start building your customer data base.  We will also discuss with you in detail the best marketing strategy to increase your revenue.

AZ Global Foods – About Page


Food is the most significant aspect of our daily lives as without it our survival is simply unlikely. In the same regard, having to find your favorite food as per your choice could be an uphill task. However, you do not have to worry anymore as AZ Global Foods has launched in Arizona to assist you with this ever so efficiently. We do not only help in pointing best restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona but also, our professional directory service classifies different cuisines & menus right according to varied choices of our audience.


  • Why choose us?

There would be numerous directories and listing places in the online & offline world, then why should you choose us? Well, this is a brilliant question and answer to it is quite straightforward. It is so because our interface and compiling mechanism is not only most modern but also serves the most credible & actionable information to the rest of our audience. We fully comprehend that you would want the best food in Phoenix, Arizona and thus we enlist places & hotels on the varied basis including ranking wise like 10 best Phoenix restaurants, top 10 Phoenix restaurants and even more. In the same regard, even if you want to try something different in another niche then AZ Global Foods has made that utterly convenient for you by grading & arranging best restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona, and best food in Phoenix, Arizona as per your very choice, niche & taste.

At most premium directory of AZ Global Foods, we ensure that our readers & clients could have their hand on the foods and restaurants from different backgrounds & cultures in such a way that the whole struggle of exploring information is shifted from their shoulders to ours. Whether you need to have a look at 10 best Phoenix restaurants from Indian, Middle East, Caribbean, Mexican, Filipino background or there is need to sneak info regarding top 10 Phoenix restaurants from Chines, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Thai, French or from any other cultural touch, we have all of it lined up for you with sheer ease. So in case if you want to go out of the box and have all that it takes to taste new & unique international foods, then AZ Global Foods has to be your ultimate choice.

We do not make fake claims or unrealistic promises instead we prove what we claim in the pursuit of offering what we call “the best”.

Moreover, if you have any suggestion, feedback, question or need info regarding any certain food item or place, simply get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!!